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Our community: thriving and enterprising, active and healthy, proud and welcoming.


Our community: thriving and enterprising, active and healthy, proud and welcoming.

Our mission is to engage, inspire and enable people & their families, to work together to: develop skills and be enterprising, to improve the health and wellbeing of all, to enhance the environment and to celebrate as a community.

Bradford Trident is a successful community business. We are financially self-sustaining have turned a small surplus for the past two years and sustaining our community services during continuing times of austerity. We continue to invest in our staff and volunteers, maintaining our Investors in People status whilst increasing our active and fantastic volunteers to 161. We also invest time and energy into our partnerships and networks being an active member of Bradford VCS Assembly, Community Action Bradford & District, Young Lives Bradford Consortium, Bradford VCS Alliance, Arise Yorkshire (a joint venture), Locality and Sported. We also work alongside our neighbourhood partnerships at Better Start Bradford, the Faith Forum, BD5 Community Workers Network and our Business Forum.

Our community hubs host 39 different organisations, including 21 private businesses, 13 charitable organisations and 5 statutory bodies together providing services to thousands of their clients. Trident provides 7,563m2 of managed business space. The combined performance of our tenants indicate an estimated Enabled Contribution of 260 Full-Time Equivalent Employees generating to the economy a combined Gross Value Added £12.9M (published with a moderate confidence level in “Measuring the Enabled Economic Contribution of the ‘Keep it Local for Economic Resilience’ project”, by NEF Consulting, Sept 2017). Also with special thanks to Locality, Trident recently completed an LM3 (Local Multiplier 3) exercise with our suppliers. The results showed that from the £1.04M Trident spent on staff and suppliers, £2.62Million of local economic impact was generated giving Trident a Project LM3 rating of 2.52, which we think is pretty impressive.

2017 Dash Board.

  • Inward investment £3.8 Million
  • Volunteer hours: 161 volunteers giving 6,483 hours of their time.
  • Customer satisfaction 94% (of those who responded) were happy or delighted.

Services supported:

  • Enterprise Support and Development working with 84 clients.
  • Community Development supporting:
    • Faith Forum
    • Community Network
    • BD5 Leaders
    • Local Residents groups
  • Healthy Lifestyles Project providing 624 separate healthy sessions
  • BD5 magazine published 3 times per year
  • Bike Library 303 bicycles out on loan
  • Community Council managing £10,000 of community awards.