Bradford Community Energy solar panels free up funds for community projects

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Bradford Trident worked closely with Bradford Community Energy to attract a range of community investors to raise £60,000, enabling the purchase the solar panels at the Park Lane and Mayfield Centres. Through the passionate investment of 35 local investors and Booster Equity match funding from the Community Shares Booster Programme Bradford Community Energy can now deliver on the promise of a greener future that starts here in BD5.

Bradford Trident recognised the potential for community-owned buildings to become more self-sustaining through developing, financing and operating a cost-effective renewable community-owned energy infrastructure that not only improves air quality but delivers community benefits and a return on investment for those who joined in.

Through the purchase of solar panels, Bradford Community Energy will make a 20-tonne dent in carbon emissions whilst reducing the energy bill for the community centres, freeing up funds that can now be used to further support the local community, enabling the goals of building a stronger, healthier and fairer society.

As a result, we are pleased to announce that Bradford Community Energy will be the proud owner of 60 kW of solar PV panels at the Park Lane and Mayfield Centres here in BD5. Not wanting to stop there they are now seeking candidates for more cost-saving, planet-saving community energy projects and are inviting community building management committees to get in touch at
Bradford Community has strong links with Bradford Trident yet is a totally stand-alone independent organisation that compliments other amazing Trident programmes such as Better Start Bradford, the Bike Library and the business coaching support.

BCE is also seeking skilled, energetic and passionate volunteers to join the board and grow the community membership so as to deliver a greener cleaner future for the people of Bradford and beyond.
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