Covishield vaccine information

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“I’m worried that I may have had the Covishield vaccine so not be able to travel to Europe”

The government has confirmed that no Covishield vaccines have been administered in the UK.  All AstraZeneca vaccines given in the UK are the same product and appear on the NHS COVID Pass as Vaxzevria. The European Medicines Agency has authorised this brand of the vaccine and it is therefore recognised by the European Union.

The confusion arose because the AstraZeneca vaccine is manufactured under different commercial names and licences. Although this is the same vaccine, each licence has to be approved separately by the relevant authority in each country. The Covishield licence has not yet been authorised by the UK regulator, the MHRA, or the European Medicines Agency so this is why it is not used in the UK or accepted for travel to the EU.

Some batch numbers of the Vaxiveria vaccines were mistakenly listed as being Covishield by the Maltese authorities, which led to some people being refused entry to Malta. The government has confirmed that Malta has now amended their travel advice and that the NHS Covid Pass will be accepted as valid evidence for entry. This is set out on the Maltese government’s website at

Information on how to get an online or paper version of the NHS COVID Pass is available on the NHS website.