Starting the Community Conversation

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Over the past few months Trident has, alongside our usual services, been busy:

  • Providing food parcel support and holiday meals (funded by Bradford Council and generous supporters, see website for the full list).
  • Delivering and coordinating the various elements of the Log On, Check-In, Move-Up Covid-19 response package.
  • Fundraising, a lot of money, for the proposed extensions to the Parkside Sports Centre (see recent T&A article).
  • Establishing the Choices Service and Central Locality Integrated Care Service (CLICS) which are community asset-based person-centred health care provided in partnership with colleagues in the NHS and voluntary and community sector (VCS).

The Trident Board is now planning how best to strategically prepare for post-Covid-19, devolution and the West Yorkshire Mayor, our Climate Chaos response, and the inevitable post-Covid-19 recession, on top of the pre-existing issues in the neighbourhood.

For Covid-19 recovery to be successful we see identifying our community needs as essential. Research shows that charities and community groups will have a critical role in bringing people together and linking public services to the people they serve. Recovery will be a long haul, and while public services can support people to recover, most of the work is likely to be done by communities themselves.

For Trident to secure the resources needed to support ambitious recovery plans the Board needs to understand in detail what individuals and the community need over a 10+ year timeframe. Trident is very keen to hear your views, your priorities for the next 10 years, your visions of, and your ambitions for the world you and your children wish to live in. To that end, Trident is planning a Community Conversation to explore everyone’s views and to seek consensus on the neighbourhood’s priorities and long-term plans.

Trident is keen to hear from everyone, young and old, active and isolated, loud and quiet, as only together can we make the world we wish to see. Our first step on this journey is to gather a good picture of how you currently access and share local information, so we can most easily contact you and your family as part of the Community Conversation to gather your views and share what we find.
Please join Trident on this journey into a brighter future by completing our short survey at:, paper copies are available at your local Trident building or call the Park Lane Centre reception to complete the survey by telephone (01274) 768060.