Your Career Path Out of Lockdown

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This !!NEW!! Workshop is called ‘Your Career Path Out of Lockdown’ running on Friday 26th March @10:30

This cover a range of topics including a focus on emerging career opportunities and the positive changes we are seeing in opportunities as we emerge from lockdown over coming months.

It has a strong emphasis on careers resilience during the job search process.

The themes explored include:

  1. Understanding why our confidence can be affected and how to address this
  2. Gaining positive feedback from a range of sources to bolster confidence and enhance applications/interviews
  3. Revaluating your career identity
  4. Putting in place a positive routine to improve effectiveness and motivation
  5. Challenging your inner critic
  6. Applying perseverance and resilience to job search
  7. Embrace change – do not fear it in the time of COVID


Online Booking:

or  Google  National Careers Yorkshire Eventbrite

Booking Line:    Call 0191 731 4750 with name, email, and phone number

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