Careers Workshops – Week Commencing 17th May 2021

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THIS WEEK – W/C 17th May

  • CV MASTERCLASS _ HOW TO BEAT THE BOTS AND ENSURE YOUR CV GETS THROUGH TO SHORTLISTING STAGE                                                        THURSDAY 20th MAY @ 12 NOON

Many employers use computers (BOTS) to review CVs and provide a shortlist. Ensure your CV gets through the computer sifting process (ATS) to be seen by person. Identify skills & experiences to fit he job you want. Best suited to customers would like to improve or tailor an existing CV – Additional focus on tailoring your CV to match different opportunities and job roles.

NEXT WEEK – W/C 17th May

  • Getting a job working for the NHS                                                                                                                                                                                                   THURSDAY 27th MAY @ 10:30 am

The NHS is the UK’s largest employer in the UK & 5th largest in the world.

Staff recruited in a variety of roles not just medical.

They employ chefs, administrators, cleaners, security, drivers, porters, telephonists, and plumbers for example. Will provide advice on NHS application process as this is not straightforward.

Hints and tips on how to make it through to interview stage and meet the criteria the NHS is looking for.

Online Booking: or National Careers Yorkshire Eventbrite

Booking Line:    Call 0191 731 4750 with name, email, and phone number

Email:         with name, email and phone number