What you taught us

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We engaged with residents and staff via a series of workshops, virtual meetings and an online survey, as well as seeking feedback from others involved in the wider Bradford ATR programme. Here is what we learned:

  • A range of training relevant to Adversity, Trauma and/or Resilience (ATR) has been delivered or is being delivered, across Bradford. Our goal is to build on this work to spread the knowledge into every corner of the district and ensure that everyone is able to work from the same baseline.
  • Restorative services are present to a degree in Bradford but are not as widely available as we would like them to be. Our project aims to address the gaps.
  • Local staff want to see multi-sector training sessions on offer, with a standardised package so that everyone is able to build upon the same baseline.
  • Respondents also told us they wanted to see a broad range of topics covered within the scientific theory and its practical implementation, including both the basics and more advanced learning. Our training offer has been built from the bottom up and is based on this detailed feedback.
  • The most popular topics our respondents wanted to be covered within the ATR training and materials offered were science surrounding Adverse Childhood Experiences and trauma, as well as how to improve staff wellbeing, support service users, implement ATR Practice within an organisation and work effectively with partners.
  • Staff want to have access to a range of ATR materials, spanning a variety that stretches from apps to guides, infographics and workbooks.
  • A range of ideas was shared for what to include in our menu of Restorative Services. These will be instrumental in our ongoing efforts to compile this offer – watch this space!