Breakin Through At Parkside Sports Centre

Over recent weeks our Break Dancing session has been making waves here at the Parkside Sports Centre. Tranquil Productions in conjunction with the Bradford VCS Alliance have been providing a fun, engaging and educational Breakin sessions to local kids in the community. Local lad, Lloyd Thompson, decided to set up this session to engage and teach these children important lessons to help keep young people in a positive mind set, reduce mental/physical health problems and reduce crime all whilst as teaching them how bust a move on the Dance floor.

We are proud to be hosting this session here at Parkside and encourage people to come along and give the session a go. It runs every Tuesday from 1800-1900.

If want to read more about the impact and importance of these sessions head over to these two articles:
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If you wish to find out more information about the session please contact Lloyd on 07952 465 169 or email him.

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