Healthy Lifestyles Officer (fixed term for 6 months)

Healthy Lifestyles Officer (fixed term for 6 months)

POST GRADE: £21,000 plus 6.6% matched pension contribution

LOCATION: Little Horton and surrounding area.

OFFICE BASE: Woodroyd Centre, Woodroyd Road, BD5 8EL

The following information is furnished to assist staff joining Bradford Trident to understand and appreciate the work content of their post and the role they are to play in the organisation. However, the following points must be noted. Whilst every endeavour has been made to outline all the duties and responsibilities of the post, a document such as this does not permit every item to be specified in detail. Broad headings therefore may have been used below, in which case all the usual associated routines are naturally included in the job description. Officers should not refuse to undertake work that is not specified on this form, but they should record any additional duties they are required to perform and these will be taken into account when salaries are reviewed. PRIME OBJECTIVES OF THE POST To carry out a range of activities designed to reduce health inequalities in an inner-city area with high levels of deprivation. Our Healthy Lifestyles Project is based at the Woodroyd Centre which offers opportunities including health improvement, well being and nutrition. To work with people, one to one and in groups, to improve reversible life-limiting conditions and behaviours such as diabetes, obesity, poor diet and low activity levels. To raise the profile of health issues for local residents, for example, diabetes prevention, diabetes management, air quality and the impacts of isolation. To encourage and support improvement in the health and wellbeing of people in the area To support and assist the development of a network of volunteers and community-run health improvement activities (walking groups, exercise groups, park run, etc).

CORE VALUES: Contribute to the vision, goals and values of Bradford Trident Keep personal information confidential Acknowledge individuals beliefs and identity Demonstrate sensitivity to the race, culture, religion, language and sexuality of all people in the working environment Promote people’s rights and choices Take personal responsibility for following and promoting the policies and procedures of Bradford Trident SUPERVISORY/MANAGERIAL


Volunteers SUPERVISION AND GUIDANCE The Community Health Officer will report to the Healthy Lifestyles Line Manager

KEY CONTACTS Bradford Trident staff, local residents and businesses. Community and voluntary groups Local front-line staff and area managers in the public and voluntary sectors Local elected representatives, including Bradford Trident Trustees, Ward Councillors and Community Councillors.


OverallWork with a range of groups and individuals to develop and support appropriate healthy living activities and bring about sustainable improvements to the health prospects of local people Exercise/Physical Activity Promote and support a range of opportunities for exercise, sport & physical activity to the community and participants. Develop, promote and support the establishment of the Bowling Park Run. Healthy Eating Advice on dietary and nutritional support strategies including the development and delivery of holiday activities for young people and children Encourage and Enable Local People to Maintain Social Networks Make links with organisations that access vulnerable and housebound people and work with partner agencies to deliver high-quality advice, support and information on healthy lifestyle opportunities. To work with partner organisations to deliver high-quality advice, support and information on health inequalities and healthy living opportunities. Health Promoting Local Activity Work closely with individuals and local community groups to identify, develop and deliver appropriate health events, Diabetes Prevention and Diabetes Management within the Trident and Community Partnership 6 areas.

Network of Volunteers Assist with the development, support and maintenance of a network of volunteers able to support local residents in accessing services and activities Support volunteers in their personal development Adhere to the Bradford Trident Volunteer Policy RANGE OF DECISION MAKING Decisions within established systems and procedures RESPONSIBILITY FOR ASSETS/MATERIALS Responsible for ICT equipment, kitchen equipment and office stationery RANGE OF DUTIES To work closely with individuals and local community groups to identify and develop appropriate healthy lifestyle activities in the Trident and Community Partnership 6 areas. To deliver the Wellbeing Café for older people who are lonely and isolated To give talks and having discussions with local groups on a range of healthy lifestyle issues To be involved with using a range of health education methods (discussion, campaigns, displays and health promotion days etc.).To work with a wide range of people to identify the health needs of the community and to help to facilitate access to provision to meet those needs. To assist the Health and Wellbeing Manager in the maintenance of records and the collection of information that will contribute towards monitoring and evaluation. To attend appropriate meetings, supervision and team building as identified by the Health and Wellbeing Manager. To participate in identified training. This may be a combination of formal and accredited courses; job training and individual reading, research and learning using a range of evidence-based resources and local information. General Data Protection Regulations 2018 Confidentiality All members of staff are bound by the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 and any breaches of the regulations or the confidential nature of the work of this post could lead to dismissal.

An Enhanced DBS Check will be required for the successful applicant.