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We’ve all become much more aware of the benefits of trees. They absorb air pollution, capture CO2 and create shading & cooling on hot days. They are also beneficial to our physical and mental wellbeing, but sadly financial constraints have limited how many trees your local council can plant. Until now.

Trees for Streets is the new national street tree sponsorship scheme. It offers residents the opportunity to make a donation to sponsor a new street tree to go outside their house or somewhere in their neighbourhood.

Every £1 spent on trees, saves the UK £7 in healthcare, energy and environmental costs.


Step One

Decide on the location, As part of our simple application, you drop a pin on their online map to show where you’d like your new street tree. We ask a few questions about your chosen spot – to help determine whether it is possible to plant here.

Step Two

Your local council confirms they pass your sponsorship request to your local council. One of their tree officers will check the location you’ve requested, and if it’s suitable your tree will be approved for planting.

Step Three

Your tree is planted, once your sponsorship is confirmed, we’ll confirm back with you, and take your sponsorship payment. Most councils plant their new trees in late Autumn. We’ll drop you a line when this is happening.